Dear Leader NEW ALBUM Stay Epic out Now

Dear Friends of Dear Leader,

A big thanks to all of you who came to our show at The Paradise in Boston last Friday night. It was so great to see so many familiar faces singing along to the new songs as well as the old standbys. We hope you had a good night and we promise there will be more shows to come soon.

Well, we are writing on the eve of the release of Stay Epic, our 4th full-length album, and our audio dispatch to simply live life to the fullest! Stay Epic hits stores tomorrow, Tuesday October 6, and no matter where you hang your hat, we've made it easy and affordable for you to pick-up a copy, or two.

You can buy the physical CD version of at any Newbury Comics store location and if you print this coupon, you can buy Stay Epic for special price of only $5.99. Or you can buy it at Newbury Comics online at Newburycomics.com.

If should be noted, that due to the lacking demand for the CD format, the crack product development team at Lunch Records have made the CD version of Stay Epic  well, a little extra epic by including four bonus acoustic songs. It's cool, trust us.

For those of you who enjoy living in the digital age, you can buy the (10 song) digital version of Stay Epic on iTunes, and while your there you can to browse other Dear Leader digital only releases.

We plan on playing more shows this year to support Stay Epic  and, if you would like us to come play your city, just drop us an email at: info@lunchrecords.com and we'll see what our schedule looks like.

For those of you in
Belgium and HollandStay Epic will be released on MTC Records in February with tour dates to follow. We promise.

Since your receiving this email, you're now on the new and improved Dear Leader email list which will enable you to receive more free downloads and be the first to know about new shows.

Lastly, we can't thank you enough for the support you have given us throughout the years on both sides of the pond. It's hard to believe that we've been playing shows and making records for 6+ years. We went from The Good Times Are Killing Me to All I Ever Wanted Was Tonighto The Alarmist to Stay Epic.

We hope you enjoy the new album. This one's for you. Stay Epic!

-Dear Leader
(Aaron, Jon, Will, Paul)                                                                                                                                                  

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bwin wedden één tegen honderd dat de roeckies reeds heelwat ideeën hebben voor een ontwerp van een nieuw t-shirt.
koen groet.

Gepost door: koen | 06-10-09

Yes! Vandaag zat het nieuwe album in de bus. Dat ze mij vanavond nu maar met rust laten!

Gepost door: Jean S. | 26-10-09

ik denk dat ge één van de eerste zijt Jean! Ik wacht nog ff omdat ik laatst slechte ervaring had met CD's te bestellen op het net, ten slotte bijna heel het album gratis kunnen downloaden...

Gepost door: the1stwarrior | 02-11-09

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