Aaron & Liam Perrino

Below pictures from Aaron and his son Liam. I'm looking forward to hear him singing :) I think I recognize the head (see the movie clips at the right)




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krantenartikel Aaron Perrino

























Vanaf nu kan je ook meer vinden op de algemene site van Aaron Perrino:
http://aaronperrino.skynetblogs.be  hier zullen al andere projecten ook gevolgd worden.


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message from Aaron

Several people have asked so I figured I'd let you all know that I am moving to Antwerp at the end of this month. I took a job at an Advertising Agency there and will try it out for a few years. I plan to take advantage of their socialized way of life like 6 wks vacation and subsidized childcare. I also intend on making my first self produced solo record there. Dear Leader will continue to play the occasional show and make a new record at some point in the future. Thanks to everyone who has supported me throughout the years and obviously this isn't goodbye just see you later.


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Aaron Perrino Moves To Antwerp

Aaron Perrino verhuist van Boston naar Antwerpen. De zanger van Dear Leader/The Sheila Divine zal als strategic planner aan de slag gaan bij het reclamebureau Duval-Guillaume in Antwerpen. http://www.duvalguillaume.com/

Ik vrees dat Dear Leader / The Sheila Divine nog op een lager pitje komt, optreden, repeteren, nummers schrijven,... wordt dan toch een pak lastiger.


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