Dear Leader gaat 4de CD opnemen

Info doorgekregen waaruit blijkt dat Dear Leader eind dit jaar zal starten met de opname van een 4de album. Ze zullen dit jaar ook nog maar één show doen en dit aanstaande vrijdag 26 oktober in The Paradise.
For those who are in the know:
Thanks everyone for sending in your set list submissions. Really great ideas, very cool. Just about every song we ever wrote and recorded - over 60 - was requested. Wow, thanks. We'll pick and play one this Friday at the Dice.

Also on the bill are our friends, The Russians and Boone, so get their early and clap loudly for them-they'll like that. Oh yeah, for all your vinyl junkies, at this show only, the 12" vinyl version of the Dear Leader + Taxpayer Split EP will be available for $10. This is a limited edition pressing-and when they go-they go! Click on this fancy blue Live Nation link below for all the ticket info - but you knew that already didn't you?
LIVE NATION We also have some news to tell everyone that night. It's going to be our last show for this year, and The Sox have the night off, so we hope to see you all there... D.L.

For those who like a more formal approach:
Just back from engagements in Europe, Boston's anthemic rock purveyors, Dear Leader play an "All Request Show" at the Paradise Rock Club in Boston this Friday, October 26. The band asked their fans to submit their ultimate Dear Leader set list from their web site www.dear-leader.com.

The idea steamrolled. Some set lists featured staple songs from the band's 3 full lengths; The Good Times and Killing Me (2003), All I Ever Wanted Was Tonight (2004), The Alarmist (2006), while others took the road less traveled and shined the light of the band's ealry EPs and obscure B-sides from the War Chords EP (2003), Radar Single (2006), My Life As A Wrestler 7" Single (2003) as well as selections from their latest Dear Leader + Taxpayer Split EP (2007).

Friday's performance will be Dear Leader's last for 2007 - the band will return to the studio to start work on their 4th album. Also on the bill are upstarts, The Russians (10P) and Boone (9p). For tickets go to LiveNation.com.

For more information go to these websites and read
www.dear-leader.com .:. www.myspace/dearleader .:. www.lunchrecords.com .:.

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laatste? als we paul buckley op zijn woord mogen geloven tevens de laatste...laat ons hopen van niet.
koenie kiplekker,die 'moving parts' van taxpayer op de split EP een zeer goed nummer vindt,groet.

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