In de kijker Perrino VS Taxpayer

Het staat al een hele tijd op Lunch Records als gratis download. Ik vind echter zo'n goed nummer dat ik het nog eens onder de aandacht wil brengen. When They were young van Taxpayer.


Aaron doet voor 1 keer de backingvocals om zijn stem wat te sparen.                                                                                                                                                            
WHEN THEY WERE YOUNG                                                 

When They Were Young

It’s too late, lock out the patrons
Stumbling down our crowded staircase.
Look at that guy dressed to the nines
He’s failed today, it’s painted on his face.
Past that face stands a young professional
Man with his girl propped up against the wall
Planning to make this their great night
And polish off a glass of red wine.

Oh my god is this how we spend it
We could expire. It’s life so defend it.
Are we too late, are we too late.
I wouldn’t know I’m quite ok.

Lonesome gaze extends from a pair of
Well crafted eyes belonging to a girl that
Never looked back since she was burned
By a lad who never fully matured
She observes a tall slender girl with a
Man on each arm, caught in a corner
Wondering which guy should come home
They both can’t wait.

I wait and watch as people segregate themselves apart from all
The ones that gave them a bad complex when they were young.

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The Alarmist te koop vanaf 23 april in België

Volgens de laatste berichten is 'The Alarmist' te koop in België vanaf 23 april. Het wachten wordt beloond voor fans als mezelf en de Ridder.


Bedankt Hans voor de  informatie.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

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